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Recent Reading

 Would you believe I've just discovered how to use this blog, which Alex created for me & I've let sit idle all this time?  So, for a start, let me recommend the last few poetry books I've enjoyed (and for which I actually spent real money) --
ANIMAL PSALMS by Alfred Nicol.
SLEAZE & SLANDER  by Mike Juster
MID EVIL by Maryann Corbett
Have also read recent good biographies of Evelyn Waugh, Thomas deQuincey and John Singleton Copley.  

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Able Muse Pushcart Prize 2016 Nominations

I'm pleased to announce that the following four poems and two stories have been nominated for Pushcart Prize 2016 by Able Muse.


  1. “Final Correspondence on a Gallery Notecard” by Amanda Jernigan
  2. “Touch” by Joseph Hutchison
  3. “Shamrock” by Scott Ruescher

Poetry Translation:

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