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The Light Verse Bake-Off is On

The Eratosphere Light Verse Bake-Off is now in full swing. The host, John Whitworth, has chosen a baker's dozen of the best submissions received and is posting them on Eratosphere at the rate of two daily. Don't miss out the fun at the Distinguished Guest forum, here.

Light Verse Bake-Off: Submission Deadline almost here

The submission deadline for the Light Verse Bake-Off for Able Muse / Eratosphere is August 28 — this Friday.
John Whitworth, who is in charge of the event this year, is looking forward to your submissions. Details are available at .

Turner Cassity Tribute - Call for Submissions

Those of us who know Turner Cassity or his work were stunned stunned by his sudden departure a couple of weeks ago. The next issue of Able Muse will feature a tribute to Turner Cassity. Suzanne Doyle will be editing this special feature. In addition to Suzanne's prodigious virtues as a writer, she probably was as close a literary friend/confidante as Turner had.

Translation Bake-Off: Submission Deadline almost here

This is a reminder to those who wish to participate in the Translation Bake-off as announced at the Distinguished Guest Forum that the deadline is almost here. Submit BEFORE THIS THURSDAY or lose your chance to participate!


Translation Bake-Off: Clarification on the Call for Submissions

Some of you want to know if previously published translations are accepted for the translation bake-off as announced at, the Eratosphere Distinguished Guest Forum. The simple answer is, yes!

As with our recently concluded and highly successful sonnet bake-off, your translation may be unpublished or published (however, do not send translations published in anthologies or trade press books). You may also acknowledge the journal of initial publication.

Call for Translations submission for the Able Muse / Eratosphere TRANSLATION BAKE-OFF

The Able Muse / Eratosphere Annual Translation Bake-off is here. Our very own Eratosphere classicist, Dr. Chris Childers, has just kicked off the event with a call for submissions. Chris will be screening the material for the our Distinguished Guest for translataion and Final Judge, Rachel Hadas (see bio below). I'm appending Chris' announcement next for those interested in submitting and/or participating. -- Alex.

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- Eratosphere Forums:

New videos posted for Thaisa Frank's HENNA and THE ENCHANTED MAN stories.

The videos for Thaisa Frank's stories  in the Reload Issue have been updated with new readings from the author. Be sure to check them out at the links below:

Henna video
The Enchanted Man


Able Muse Guest Editors, Spotlight Poet Contest & More

The next issue of Able Muse will feature a number of guest editors in all areas, and a contest. With that, I’m pleased to invite the submissions on behalf of the guest editors. The pertinent details follow. In all cases, the submission guidelines for Able Muse are online here. The deadline for all submissions indicated below is May 1, 2009.


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 For those of you who tried to subscribe earlier, we have finally set up the Able Muse Newsletter signup page here . So, try again! 

Everyone else is encouraged to signup for the newsletter, and/or the Able Muse RSS feeds. This way, you will receive the latest Able Muse updates, new releases, events, contests, important announcements, press releases, and more.

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New: The Able Muse Online submission system

Able Muse is pleased to announce a new online submission system. This is now the preferred method of submission to Able Muse, and we recommend using it instead of e-mail. It not only provides the benefit of tracking the status of your submission online, but also enables us to process and respond to your submission sooner.

For those with no online or email access, the existing snail mail submission details are unchanged.

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