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Able Muse / Eratosphere 2010 Sonnet Bakeoff: Call for submissions

The deadline is fast approaching. Submit your entry now! ...
Final Judge - Catherine Tufariello (hosted by Susan MacLean)
Entry deadline - Sunday, April 18, 2010 at midnight (U.S. Central time)
Details at:
Able Muse:

Announcing ... The Able Muse Press

Announcing . . . A B L E    M U S E    P R E S S
We're delighted to introduce, The Able Muse Press! This press will publish books and periodicals that enhance and supplement the online presence of the Able Muse. The goals of the Able Muse Press are:

Announcing - Short Poems Bake-Off on Eratosphere

 First, thanks again to everyone for a great Deck the Halls event on Eratosphere (Distinguished Guest Forum,) in December 2009.

The first official event for the new year and new decade is the Short Poems Bake-Off, with Distinguished Guest and Judge, Wendy Videlock, and hosted by Maryann Corbett, the Eratosphere Administrator. 

Video reading for Alan Dunnett's poem, Transit

 A new video has been posted for Alan Dunnett's reading of his poem, Transit. Alan went to quite some length to produce a lively and entertaining video, so be sure to check it out at:
Transit Video


Support Able Muse/Eratosphere

Thank you all, especially those who've responded to the call for support (quoted below from Eratosphere's GT post here.) Still, the response has been lukewarm, hence this follow up in the blogs in the hope that more will see this note and contribute something, no matter how small. Every little bit helps, and little bits from more members especially so.


Able Muse's Best of the Net nominations

I am pleased to announce that the following six poems and two stories that appeared in the current and previous issues of Able Muse have been nominated for Best of the Net —


The Light Verse Bake-Off is On

The Eratosphere Light Verse Bake-Off is now in full swing. The host, John Whitworth, has chosen a baker's dozen of the best submissions received and is posting them on Eratosphere at the rate of two daily. Don't miss out the fun at the Distinguished Guest forum, here.

Light Verse Bake-Off: Submission Deadline almost here

The submission deadline for the Light Verse Bake-Off for Able Muse / Eratosphere is August 28 — this Friday.
John Whitworth, who is in charge of the event this year, is looking forward to your submissions. Details are available at .

Turner Cassity Tribute - Call for Submissions

Those of us who know Turner Cassity or his work were stunned stunned by his sudden departure a couple of weeks ago. The next issue of Able Muse will feature a tribute to Turner Cassity. Suzanne Doyle will be editing this special feature. In addition to Suzanne's prodigious virtues as a writer, she probably was as close a literary friend/confidante as Turner had.

Translation Bake-Off: Submission Deadline almost here

This is a reminder to those who wish to participate in the Translation Bake-off as announced at the Distinguished Guest Forum that the deadline is almost here. Submit BEFORE THIS THURSDAY or lose your chance to participate!


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