2013 Able Muse/Eratosphere Sonnet Bake-Off Guide

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First, thank you to all who submitted to the 2013 Able Muse / Eratosphere Sonnet Bake-Off event (as announced at Eratosphere's Distinguished Guest Forum at http://www.ablemuse.com/erato/showthread.php?t=20741). The submission deadline has now expired, and Catherine Chandler and Gail White report that they've received a 339 sonnet entries -- a record for this annual event! They're putting their virtual heads together to decide on their ten finalists. Not an easy task as there are so many worthy sonnets! Thus expect a long list of honorable mentions.

Gail and Cathy will start posting the ten finalist sonnets, two per day, with their comments on Eratoshere (http://www.ablemuse.com/erato/), specifically on the Distinguished Guest Forum (http://www.ablemuse.com/erato/forumdisplay.php?f=31), starting on Monday, July 15, ending on Friday, July 19. In order to allow sufficient time for comments on all ten finalists, popular voting for readers’ first, second and third choices will begin on Wednesday, July 24 and end at midnight (EDT) on Saturday, July 27.

Results will be tabulated and a popular winner will be announced on Tuesday, July 30, at which time all ten finalists’ identities will also be divulged. Gail and Cathy will also announce their own top picks. The top three sonnets will be published in an upcoming issue of Able Muse (i.e. in the biannual review of poetry, prose & art).


1) Visit Eratosphere's Distinguished Guest Forum daily during the event (July 15-19) to see if your sonnet made it among the top ten finalists, posted two per day. This is the only way to find out if your sonnet made it to the top of the pile -- there will be no personal email notification.

2) If you also want to participate and post your own comments during the event, then you need to register as a member of Eratosphere (at http://www.ablemuse.com/erato/register.php). Eratosphere registration and membership are free.

See you there, and good luck with your submitted sonnet achieving top placement!