2017 ABLE MUSE WRITE PRIZE: Less than ONE Month only to Deadline (Poetry / Fiction)

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2017 Able Muse Contests:
** LESS Than ~ ONE MONTH left before entry deadline in WRITE PRIZE! **

ABLE MUSE WRITE PRIZE (for poetry & fiction)
Able Muse Write Prize (for poetry & flash fiction)Patricia Smith - poetry judge; Stuart Dybek - fiction judge$500 for the winning poem (all styles welcome)
$500 for the winning story
publication in Able Muse (print edition)
• anonymous judging by the final judges: 
 Annie Finch (poetry),  Jill Alexander Essbaum (fiction)

Entry deadline: March 15, 2017

• Details at: http://www.ablemusepress.com/

2016 Winners:
Scott Ruescher - Poetry (judged by Patricia Smith),
Victoria Mlyniec - Fiction (judged by Stuart Dybek)
. . . $500 to each winner. Complete results here.

ABLE MUSE BOOK AWARD (for poetry manuscript)
Able Muse Write Prize (for poetry & flash fiction)A.E. Stallings - final judge for the Book Award$1000 prize
publication of winning book manuscript by Able Muse Press
• all poetry styles welcome
Entry deadline: March 31, 2017
• anonymous judging by final judge: Charles Martin  

• Details at:  http://www.ablemusepress.com/

2016 Winners
Aaron Poochigian for his manuscript, Manhattanite - (judged by A.E. Stallings)
. . . $1000 to the winner & publication by Able Muse Press. Complete results here.

SB Able Muse Press  announces
the pre-release of

The Bard and Scheherazade Keep Company - Poems

by Jan D. Hodge

ISBN 978-1-927409-85-5 • June 5, 2017 release • 112 pp.


Now available for Pre-Order:

[Jan D. Hodge has given us an astonishing book-as remarkable a tour de force as ever I’ve seen. I wouldn’t have thought that witty verse form, the double dactyl, could be used to tell a story, but modifying the pattern only slightly, Hodge retells some celebrated stories in enjoyable style-Shakespeare plays, six tales from the Arabian Nights, and the popular medieval legend of Reynard the Fox
—X.J. Kennedy

Open this book at random, and you will find the form perfectly used, the language both natural and original, and the wit a delight.
Gail White

Jan D. Hodge has renovated the most challenging of light verse forms and transformed it into a vehicle for poems that revisit classic works of literature.
—A.M. Juster

Figuring in the Figure - Poems by Ben Berman
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SB Able Muse Press  announces
the pre-release of

Figuring in the Figure - Poems

by Ben Berman

ISBN 978-1-927409-71-8 • March 20, 2017 release • 88 pp.


Now available for Pre-Order:

[Ben Berman's] luminous details evoke a world of mutable forms and shapes that suggest the fragility of our lives. . . . This is a quietly beautiful book that deserves attention and recognition..
—Jeff Friedman

The influence here of Frost returns us to Frost’s virtues: these poems make points and have a point of view. Like Frost, Berman is unsparing in his introspection.
Rodger Kamenetz

His observations are enriched with various kinds of humor—aphorisms, riddles, word plays, and puns. This book is wise and wonderful..
Beth Ann Fennelly

Ben Berman’s fine, clever poems are never merely clever. . . . If invention is his inclination, order is his learned yet sly companion, “a partner,” he writes, “the type/ that coyly invites chaos to dance.”
—Lawrence Raab

Figuring in the Figure - Poems by Ben Berman
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Able Muse Review - Print Edition (Number 22): Winter 2016

The latest Able Muse, Winter 2016 (Print Edition, Number 22), with order/subscription information (for print & Kindle, NOOK, Kobo & iBooks editions), and with online excerpts and the subscribers' online edition at: www.AbleMuse.com

Able Muse Review - Print Edition (Number 22): Winter 2016
Featured Poet: Bill Coyle
Featured Artist: Mitch Dobrowner

Able Muse, Number 22 - Winter 2016
editorial:Alexander Pepple
featured artist: Mitch Dobrowner (interviewed by Sharon Passmore) featured poet: Bill Coyle (interviewed by Ernest Hilbert) • fiction: Erika Warmbrunn, Cameron MacKenzie, Vicky Mlyniec essays: Gerry Cambridge book reviews: Amit Majmudar, Brooke Clark poetry: Amit Majmudar, Len Krisak, Scott Ruescher, Timothy Murphy, Cody Walker, Christine de Pizan, Håkan Sandell, Anna M. Evans, Feng Zhi, Tony Barnstone, Liz Ahl, Susan McLean, Elise Hempel, Siham Karami, Maryann Corbett, Fran Markover, Colleen Carias, Julie Steiner, Elizabeth Wager, Clare Jones.
With special thanks for an outstanding new issue to --Nicole Caruso Garcia, Susan de Sola, Scott M. Miller (Assistant Poetry Editors); Robert B. Shaw, N.S. Thompson (Nonfiction Editors);  Karen Kevorkian (Fiction Editor); Cheryl Diane Kidder, Janice D. Soderling, Rob Wright (Assistant Fiction Editors).

Alex Pepple, Editor

SB** NEW **

Able Muse Press
  announces the release of
Animal Psalms - Poems
by Alfred Nicol

ISBN 978-1-927409-69-5 • May 30, 2016 release • 88 pp.


The Borrowed World - Poems by Emily Leithauser

Her poet’s craft, palpable in every arresting line, makes the subtlest turns of vulnerability with enviable poise.
—Molly Peacock, 2014 Able Muse Book Award judge, author of The Paper Garden

Only a poet of unquestionable bravery and technical acuity could rehearse the quotidian details of a middle class, middle aged existence with such exquisite, irresistible and terrifying honesty.
—Kwame Dawes, author of Duppy Conqueror: New and Selected Poems

These are naked, open poems. They say things that make us wince, as when we look at an incision still puckered and red. Shipers reminds us that our lives must first be prodded and cauterized, if the injured parts are ever to heal.
—Jehanne Dubrow, author of The Arranged Marriage

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Bed of Impatiens - Poems by Katie Hartsock

FINALIST, 2015 Able Muse Book Award

ISBN 978-1-927409-65-7 • Fall 2016 release • 144 pp.


Has American poetry ever produced a fresher, savvier, grittier, more elegant, and drop-dead formally exhilarating sequence than Katie Hartsock’s “Hotels, Motels, and Extended Stays”? If so, I’ve yet to see it. Hartsock is as deft (and loving) with the vulgarities of truck stop rent-by-the-hour as with the secret wit of rhyme, or the venerables of Homeric epic: her range and her inventiveness appear to know no limit. And this is just a fraction of what bursts to life in Bed of Impatiens. I’m dazzled by the sheer bounty of it.
Linda Gregerson

Like René Magritte I want to paint “This is not a first book” under this first book. It is Lolita all grown up and taking us on a cross-country tour of the motels she stayed in with Humbert. It’s St. Augustine as Dennis Rodman, elbowing us out of position underneath God’s basket. But it’s not a cacophony of surrealism.
James Cummins

Katie Hartsock’s book of poems Bed of Impatiens is, for a first volume, unusually broad in its range and fierce in its attitudes. . . . . Hartsock is a sharp and clever reader of the books of nature and of art, yet writes in nobody’s shadow.
Mary Kinzie

Bed of Impatiens - Poems by Katie Hartsock
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** NEW RELEASES from Able Muse Press ***
Times Square and Other Stories - poems by William Baer

by William Baer  

Times Square and Other Stories engage the reader all the way from the title piece, an ambitious tale that draws upon art, love, and the complex beauty of the human narrative, through eight other works that touch upon the timeless questions of what it means to create and to act, to be and to pretend.
— A.G. Harmon
. . . read more
Asperity Street - Poems - poems by Gail White

by Gail White  

 Special Honoree, 2014 Able Muse
Book Award

Asperity Street unfolds as a brilliant mural we can return to again and again, as the poet does—still vulnerable, and wiser each time.
— Molly Peacock, 2014 Able Muse Book Award judge
. . . read more
Slingshots and Love Plums - Poems - poems by Wendy Videlock

by Wendy Videlock  

Slingshots and Love Plums offers a delicious variety of treats, from witty send-ups of contemporary mores to somber reflections on mortality, love, and friendship.
— David Caplan
. . . read more
Bad Fame - Poems - poems by Martin McGovern

by Martin McGovern  

Martin McGovern’s long-awaited, well-constructed first book gives itself away slowly, artfully. It is carefully considered, quietly passionate, and deeply humane.
— Edward Hirsch
. . . read more

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