2018 Able Muse Book Award & Write Prize: Submissions Now Open + Latest Books

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Announcing the 2018
Able Muse
poetry/fiction/book contests:

Submissions now open for
for the Able Muse Write Prize & the Able Muse Book Award

2018 Contest now open for submissions:

ABLE MUSE WRITE PRIZE (for poetry & fiction)
Able Muse Write Prize (for poetry & flash fiction)J. Allyn Rosser - poetry judge; Bret Lott - fiction judge$500 for the winning poem (all styles welcome)
$500 for the winning story
publication in Able Muse (print edition)
• anonymous judging by the final judges: 
 J. Allyn Rosser (poetry),  Bret Lott (fiction)

Entry deadline: March 15, 2018

• Details at: http://www.ablemusepress.com/

2017 Winners:
D. R. Goodman - Poetry (judged by Annie Finch),
Leslie Jill Patterson - Fiction (judged by Jill Alexander Essbaum)
. . . $500 to each winner. Complete results here.

ABLE MUSE BOOK AWARD (for poetry manuscript)
Able Muse Write Prize (for poetry & flash fiction)Marilyn Nelson - final judge for the Book Award$1000 prize
publication of winning book manuscript by Able Muse Press
• all poetry styles welcome
Entry deadline: March 31, 2018
• anonymous judging by final judge: Marilyn Nelson 

• Details at:  http://www.ablemusepress.com/

2017 Winners: Lorna Knowles Blake for her manuscript, The Wrack Line - (judged by Charles Martin)
. . . $1000 to the winner & publication by Able Muse Press. Complete results here.


SB Able Muse Press  announces the release of
New Jersey Noir - A Novel
by William Baer 

The Jack Colt Murder Mystery Novels (Book 1)

ISBN 978-1-927409-82-4 • February 26, 2018 release • 266 pp.


New Jersey Noir is a loving tribute to the Garden State by a writer who appreciates its grime as much as its glory.
   — Hollis Seamon (Jersey girl, born and raised), author of Somebody Up There Hates You

In prose as fast-moving as a bullet, Baer compels the reader to keep flipping pages more and more rapidly. Baer’s writing is taut and gut-wrenching. New Jersey Noir and Baer’s talent presage a brilliant career for this wonderfully gifted writer.
   — Terri Brown-Davidson, author of Marie, Marie, Hold On Tight

Jack Colt, the private investigator in William Baer’s New Jersey Noir, romances the genre to the suspenseful effect that JJ “Jake” Gittes achieves in Roman Polanski’s acclaimed Chinatown. In place of technicolor LA, however, Baer evokes a cinematic chiaroscuro New Jersey, specifically Paterson, its history and politics limned over a baseline of Springsteen, doo-wop, and Whitney Houston.
   — Dennis Must, author of Hush Now, Don’t Explain

*NEW* Now available for Pre-Order:
New Jersey Noir - A Novel by William Baer
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SB Able Muse Press  announces the release of
Manhattanite - Poems
by Aaron Poochigian 
WINNER, 2015 Able Muse Book Award
(as selected by A. E. Stallings)

ISBN 978-1-927409-90-9 • October 9, 2017 release • 102 pp.


Aaron Poochigian takes on the role of American flâneur for the twenty-first century, drifting through the frenetic metropolis at a dreamer’s planetary pace.
   — A. E. Stallings, 2016 Able Muse Book Award judge

Each poem is a tower growing out of our human filth and scraping the sky with sky-lines, and together they build a cityof words. Put New York in your pocket. It’s inside this book.
   — Tony Barnstone

These poems travel at a fast clip, pulling you along through cityscapes, wastelands, and other vistas. Some of the poems tunnel downward, plumbing depths of mood and memory.
   — Rachel Hadas

The concluding lines of “Song: Go and Do It” . . . claim, “I’ll still swear/ we could be happy anywhere.” One sure location of that “anywhere” exists between the covers of Manhattanite.
   — R. S. Gwynn

*NEW* Now available for Pre-Order:
Manhattanite - Poems by Aaron Poochigian
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SB Able Muse Press  announces the release of
The Blind Loon
A Bestiary

by Ed Shacklee
(Illustrated by Russ Spitkovsky)
ISBN 978-1-77349-004-5 (paperback) • ISBN 978-1-77349-004-5 (hardcover)
September 25, 2017 release • 116 pp.


In his impressive bestiary, The Blind Loon, Ed Shacklee shows as keen an insight into the nature of the beast roaming free as into the beast within. This encyclopedic collection includes the commonplace python, monkey, crocodile, tortoise, camel; the mythical kraken, lamia, chimera, wyvern; the prehistoric ankylosaurus; the fantastical logorrhea, mope, snub, hipster. Shacklee doles out marvels, mischief and hilarity in The Blind Loon, and the breathtaking illustrations of Russ Spitkovsky provide an accompanying visual feast and are by themselves worth the price of admission.

*NEW* Now available for Pre-Order:
The Blind Loon - A Bestiary by Ed Shacklee
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SB Able Muse Press  announces
the pre-release of

A Year of Mourning

Poems 271-322 of Petrarch's Rerum vulgarium fragmenta
translated by Lee Harlin Bahan
Special Honoree, 2016 Able Muse Book Award
ISBN 978-1-927409-95-4 • October 9, 2017 release • 82 pp.


“This is emphatically not our grandmother’s Petrarch, but it is by turns startling, engaging, surprising, beguiling and occasionally annoying . . .  paradoxically enough, not unlike the originals.”
Dick Davis

“Here, the corset tightened until the bones crack has been loosened to allow for a natural diction, syntax, and idiom that allows that old ghost, Petrarch, to speak to us as if he were alive today.”
Tony Barnstone

“‘Translate’ is not quite the right word as Bahan updates and postmodernizes Petrarch in fascinating and entertaining fashion, while remaining on solid scholarly ground.”
Vince Gotera

*NEW* Now available for Pre-Order:
A Year of Mourning- Poems 271-322 of Petrarch's Rerum vulgarium fragmenta translated by Lee Harlin Bahan
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SB Able Muse Press  announces
the pre-release of

Street View

Poems by Maryann Corbett
Finalist, 2016 Able Muse Book Award

ISBN 978-1-927409-90-9 • October 9, 2017 release • 102 pp.


“Though her weapons, her engines, are stillness, insight, and rhythm, there is indeed a sense in which the poems in Street View wallop their subjects with language.” —George David Clark

“Given her gift with detail, Maryann Corbett is the perfect person to offer a view, but an even more perfect person to offer a ‘street view.’”
Kim Bridgford

“She examines experiences with shrewdness and fascination, crafting them into poems that are breathtaking in their intelligence and brio.”
Susan McLean

“It is metrical poetry infused with gorgeous imagery and the vernacular of our scientized world, from neurotransmitters to hydrology.”
Tony Barnstone

*NEW* Now available for Pre-Order:
Street View- Poems by Maryann Corbett
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** NEW RELEASES from Word Galaxy (an imprint of Able Muse Press) ***

SB Word Galaxy (an imprint of Able Muse Press)  announces the pre-release of
The Stars of Earth

New and Selected Poems
Poems by Emily Grosholz

ISBN 978-1-77349-001-4 (pbk.) / ISBN 978-1-77349-005-2 (hc.) •
October 16, 2017 release • 320 pp.


“There is no end to the kinds of poems that Grosholz can write, always with distinction of language and with a great gift for wedding the measures of verse to the rhythms of thought.” — Richard Wilbur

“[Grosholz] has a lucid, lyrical voice, a pure, songlike quality. I think many aspire to this sort of effortless music, but few succeed as well as she.” — Alice Fulton

“Emily Grosholz is a poet of radiant intelligence,patient lyricism, and meticulous craft.” — Mark Jarman

“. . . fine poetry and fine theorems are first cousins. Or, more rarely, in poems like Emily Grosholz’s, twins.”
Marjorie Senechal

“The heart, not as a hackneyed valentine but as a living muscle, is always present as pulse and passion.”— Michael Schmidt

“. . . she achieves potent mixes of the daily and the deep.” — Melissa Balmain

*NEW* Now available for Pre-Order:
The Stars of Earth- Poems by Emily Grosholz
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SB Word Galaxy (an imprint of Able Muse Press)  announces the pre-release of
Reassurance in Negative Space

Poems by Elizabyth Hiscox

ISBN 978-1-927409-98-5 (paperback) • October 2, 2017 release • 106 pp.


“Her poems are tightly, urgently made.”
Nancy Eimers

Reassurance in Negative Space, is haunting in the way that brilliance of mind and vision encounter an almost secret vocabulary.”
Norman Dubie

“There is throughout this volume a deep and humane lyric wisdom, an almost fatalistically brilliant humor.”
Cynthia Hogue

“Hiscox breaks a tender heart with this equivocal and necessary advice for her reader: ‘Fall already, beautiful.’ In this gorgeous and spiritually rugged ekphrastic book I do pant, I do part, and I do fall.”
Sarah Vap

*NEW* Now available for Pre-Order:
Reassurance in Negative Space- Poems by Elizabyth Hiscox
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Able Muse Review - Print Edition (Number 23): Summer 2017

Able Muse, Summer 2017 (Print Edition, Number 23), has been released, with order/subscription information (for print & Kindle, NOOK, Kobo & iBooks editions), with online excerpts and the subscribers' online edition at: www.AbleMuse.com

Able Muse Review - Print Edition (Number 23): Summer 2017
Featured Poet: Emily Grosholz
Featured Art: A Zebra Theme

Able Muse, Number 23 - Summer 2017
editorial:Alexander Pepple
featured art: A Zebra Theme featured poet: Emily Grosholz (interviewed by Mark Jarman) • fiction: Tom Larsen, Israel A. Bonilla, Bruce Johnson essays: Laura DiCarlo Short memoirs: David Larsen book reviews: Brooke Clark poetry: Frederick Wilbur, Roy Bentley, Aaron Poochigian, Catharine Savage Brosman, Terese Coe, William Conelly, Horace, Ryan Wilson, Francesco Petrarca, Lee Harlin Bahan, Tatiana Forero Puerta.
With special thanks for an outstanding new issue to --Nicole Caruso Garcia, Susan de Sola, Scott M. Miller (Assistant Poetry Editors); Robert B. Shaw, N.S. Thompson (Nonfiction Editors);  Karen Kevorkian (Fiction Editor); Cheryl Diane Kidder, Janice D. Soderling, Rob Wright (Assistant Fiction Editors).

Alex Pepple, Editor


For more information or for review copies, contact Able Muse Press here. 

Able Muse Press








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