Able Muse/Eratosphere Newsletter - Winter 2013: New Issue of Able Muse; Latest Book Releases & more

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Able Muse/Eratosphere Newsletter
Winter 2013
Able Muse jingle bells

Want to add more jolly to the Holidays season?
Here are some glad tidings from Able Muse & Eratosphere news and updates! :)

In this newsletter

The New Issue of Able Muse now in print & online
Call for Submissions: Write Prize & Book Award
Now Available from Able Muse Press
Coming Soon from Able Muse Press
Able Muse (print) Back Issues/Subscription & Submissions
Eratosphere Workshop Events
Able Muse Pushcart Nominations
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The new issue of Able Muse: Winter 2013

The new issue of Able Muse, Print Editon (Number 16) - Winter 2013, has just been released, with order/subscription information (for print & Kindle, NOOK, Kobo & iBooks editions), with online excerpts and the subscribers' online edition at:

Able Muse, Number 16 - Winter 2013with Able Muse WRITE PRIZE for Poetry & Fiction —
Includes the 2013 winning story & poems from contest winners and finalists.

With the winner and runner-up sonnets from the 2013 Able Muse / Eratosphere Sonnet Bake-Off.

Alexander Pepple • featured artist: Peter Svensson • featured poet: Jehanne Dubrow (interviewed by Anna M. Evans) • fiction: Cheryl Diane Kidder, Charles Wilkinson, Blaine Vitallo, Donna Laemmlen • essays: A.E. Stallings, Peter Byrne, Philip Morre, David Mason, Chrissy Mason • book reviews: Rory Waterman, Jane Hammons • poetry: Rachel Hadas, R.S. Gwynn, Catharine Savage Brosman, John Savoie, D.R. Goodman, Jeanne Wagner, Richard Wakefield, Melissa Balmain, Tara Tatum, Anna M. Evans, Matthew Buckley Smith, Stephen Harvey, Elise Hempel, Marly Youmans, Amanda Luecking Frost, Rachael Briggs, Chris Childers, James Matthew Wilson, Alex Greenberg, Catullus, Sappho, Theocritus.
With special thanks for an outstanding new issue to -- Peter Austin, Reagan Upshaw (Assistant Poetry Editor), Gregory Dowling (Nonfiction Editor),  Nina Schuyler (Fiction Editor), Keith J. Powell, Janice D. Soderling, John Riley, Rob Wright (Assistant Fiction Editors).

Alex Pepple, Editor

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Able Muse, No. 16, Print Edition, Winter 2013

2013 Contest now open for submissions:

ABLE MUSE WRITE PRIZE (for poetry & fiction)
Able Muse Write Prize (for poetry & flash fiction)Dick Allen - poetry judge; Amit Majmudar - fiction judge$500 for the winning poem (all styles welcome) • $500 for the winning story • publication in Able Muse (print edition) • anonymous judging by the final judges:  Dick Allen (poetry), Amit Majmudar (fiction) • Entry deadline: February 15, 2014 • Details at:

2013 Winners: D.R. Goodman - Poetry (judged by Kelly Cherry), Donna Laemmlen - Fiction (judged by Thaisa Frank) . . . $500 to each winner. Complete results here.

ABLE MUSE BOOK AWARD (for poetry manuscript)
Able Muse Write Prize (for poetry & flash fiction)Molly Peacock - final judge for the Book Award$1000 prize • publication of winning book manuscript by Able Muse Press • all poetry styles welcome • Entry deadline: March 31, 2014 • anonymous judging by final judge: Molly Peacock • Details at:

2013 Winners
Melissa Balmain for her manuscript, Walking in on People - (judged by X.J. Kennedy) . . . $1000 to the winner & publication by Able Muse Press. Complete results here.

Able Muse submissions - poetry, fiction, art, essays, book reviews, interviews

Now Available from Able Muse Press
Able Muse, Print Edition - back issues and subscriptionThe Able Muse Anthology - the best of the poetry, fiction, essays, art & photography, book reviewsVirtue, Big as Sin - poems by Frank OsenCompositions of the Dead Playing Flutes - poems by Barbara Ellen SorensenCredo for the Checkout Line in Winter - poems by Maryann Corbett

Now available from Able Muse Press, Amazon and other online & offline bookstores:
Able Muse - Print Edition back issues & subscription
The Able Muse Anthology - the best of the poetry, fiction, essays, art & photography
Virtue, Big as Sin - poems by Frank Osen
Compositions of the Dead Playing Flutes - poems by Barbara Ellen Sorensen
Credo for the Checkout Line in Winter - poems by Maryann Corbett

Now Available in Pre-Release (2013 Finalists of the Able Muse Book Award):
House Music - poems by Ellen Kaufman
Heaven from Steam - poems by Carol Light
Pumpkin Chucking - poems by Stephen Scaer

Coming Soon from Able Muse Press in 2014

Abfrom ABLE MUSE BOOK AWARD, 2013 - WINNER & FINALISTS (final judge, X.J. Kennedy)

Walking in on People - poems by Melissa Balmain (WINNER)
Cup - poems by Jeredith Merrin
Vellum - poems by Chelsea Woodard
Uncontested Grounds - poems by William Conelly

All the Wasted Beauty of the World - poems by Richard Newman (2012 Able Muse Book Award finalist)

ABLE MUSE (Print Edition)
Able Muse Write Prize (for poetry & flash fiction)Able Muse - Inaugural Print EditionAble Muse - Summer 2013The Able Muse back issues - the Inaugural Print Edition, Winter 2010, and the Print Edition, Summer 2013, and every issue after that are still available at Able Muse Press, Amazon and other online & offline bookstore.

Subscribe now for the next releases of Able Muse, Print Edition

Able Muse (print edition) reads submissions year-round. Submit now for a chance to appear in Able Muse - send your best poetry, art, fiction, essays, book reviews. The submission guidelines are available here.

Able Muse submissions - poetry, fiction, art, essays, book reviews, interviews

Eratosphere forums & workshopEratosphere Workshop Events

Held Recently:

• At the Distinguished Guest Forum:
Recently Concluded--
     Sonnet Bake-Off, 2013 with Distinguished Guests Catherine Chandler & Gail Whilte.
     Translation Bake-Off, 2013 with Distinguished Guest & Host Jennifer Reeser.
    Flash Fiction Workshop, 2013 with Distinguished Guest April Lindner; Hosted by Rob Wright.

Coming Soon:

More workshops & Distinguished Guest events at Able Muse / Eratosphere . . . stay tuned for more info!

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Able Muse Pushcart Prize 2013 Nominations:
Congratulations to the 5 poets, 1 writer nominated and announced here.

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