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Able Muse Review - Print Edition (Number 19): Summer 2015

Just in time for Summer 2015, I'm pleased to announce that the new Able Muse, Summer 2015 (Print Edition, Number 19), has just been released, with order/subscription information (for print & Kindle, NOOK, Kobo & iBooks editions), with online excerpts and the subscribers' online edition at:

Able Muse Review - Print Edition (Number 19): Summer 2015
Featured Poet: Eric McHenry
Featured Artist: Wayne Levin

Able Muse, Number 19 - Summer 2015

Alexander Pepple
featured artist: Wayne Levin (interviewed by Sharon Passmore) featured poet: Eric McHenry (interviewed by Cody Walker) • fiction: Linda Boroff, Richard Dokey, Michael Bradburn-Ruster, Zara Lisbon, Lane Kareska essays: Catharine Savage Brosman, Kevin Durkin, Robert Earle, Eric Torgersen book reviews: Reagan Upshaw poetry: Jay Rogoff, Meredith McCann, William Baer, Jan D. Hodge, Stephen Scaer, William Thompson, Martial, Susan McLean, Carrie Shipers, Maura Stanton, Stephen Gibson, Len Krisak, Glenn Freeman, Richard Cecil, Bruce Bennett, Julie Steiner, Eric Torgersen, Ed Shacklee.
With special thanks for an outstanding new issue to -- Stephen Kampa, Callie Siskel, Reagan Upshaw (Assistant Poetry Editors); Gregory Dowling (Nonfiction Editor);  Karen Kevorkian (Fiction Editor); Jonathan Danielson, Rob Wright (Assistant Fiction Editors).

Alex Pepple, Editor

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** ** NEW & Just Pre-released (August 31, 2015) from ABLE MUSE PRESS -- ***

I'm pleased to announce that Taking Shape, the full-length collection of carmina figurata from Jan D. Hodge is now pre-released and available for order from  Able Muse Press and worldwide from Amazon, Barnes & Noble and most popular distribution and retail channels (ISBN 978-1-927409-56-5 [paperback]; 978-1-927409-58-9 [hardcover]). Or, just go to Melissa's website,, or the Able Muse Press website, Besides the traditional print edition, Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Nobles NOOK, Google Play/Books, Apple iTunes/iBooks and Kobo also available soon.
Taking Shape - Poems by Jan D. Hodge 
~ paperback & hardcover ~

An eclectic mix of shapes and subjects populate Taking Shape—Jan D. Hodge’s full-length collection of carmina figurata (sometimes called shaped poems, pattern poetry, or figure poems). Hodge’s many masterpieces include depictions of a saxophone, a Madonna and Child, a combination piano/guillotine, and other silhouettes of amazing difficulty and detail. These poems are not only visually stunning, they are also sonically beautiful, and retain a transcendent freedom while conforming to both illustrative and metrical constraints. Taking Shape is a visual feast of inspired poetry.

Taking Shape - carmina figurata by Jan D. Hodge

In Jan D. Hodge’s Taking Shape the subjects have burst from their cages and confront us immediately with what they are.
—Fred Chappell

Here is a perfect matching of shapes and poetry.”
—Robert J. Conley

Jan D. Hodge is the master par excellence of carmina figurata . . . Hodge knows of grace, his poems are full of grace, and Taking Shape, like grace itself, is a gift of utter beauty”
—Vince Gotera

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** NEW RELEASES from Able Muse Press ***
Times Square and Other Stories - poems by William Baer

by William Baer  

Times Square and Other Stories engage the reader all the way from the title piece, an ambitious tale that draws upon art, love, and the complex beauty of the human narrative, through eight other works that touch upon the timeless questions of what it means to create and to act, to be and to pretend.
— A.G. Harmon
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Asperity Street - Poems - poems by Gail White

by Gail White  

 Special Honoree, 2014 Able Muse
Book Award

Asperity Street unfolds as a brilliant mural we can return to again and again, as the poet does—still vulnerable, and wiser each time.
— Molly Peacock, 2014 Able Muse Book Award judge
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Slingshots and Love Plums - Poems - poems by Wendy Videlock

by Wendy Videlock  

Slingshots and Love Plums offers a delicious variety of treats, from witty send-ups of contemporary mores to somber reflections on mortality, love, and friendship.
— David Caplan
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Bad Fame - Poems - poems by Martin McGovern

by Martin McGovern  

Martin McGovern’s long-awaited, well-constructed first book gives itself away slowly, artfully. It is carefully considered, quietly passionate, and deeply humane.
— Edward Hirsch
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