Turner Cassity Tribute - Call for Submissions

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Those of us who know Turner Cassity or his work were stunned stunned by his sudden departure a couple of weeks ago. The next issue of Able Muse will feature a tribute to Turner Cassity. Suzanne Doyle will be editing this special feature. In addition to Suzanne's prodigious virtues as a writer, she probably was as close a literary friend/confidante as Turner had.

You're all invited to submit for this feature. Suzanne will like you all to know that, "Here is your opportunity to publish a poem, essay, or reminiscence without having to fear a scathingly witty riposte from Turner in his next letter. Though I know we would all gladly suffer his rapier wit to have him back."

1. Send in your tribute submission through the regular Able Muse process for it as provided at here .

2. All submission for the tribute should include the identifying mark "Cassity Tribute" in the subject field of the submission email or online form.

3. All submissions for the tribute should be received no later than October 15, 2009.

Suzanne will be expecting your top-shelf submissions for this feature!