Sonnet Bake-off: Google Protection

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In answer to a submitter's question on protection from Google, Alex has been kind enough to inform me:
As for protection from Google, there was no protection at all with the previous sonnet bake-offs. However, this time we will add a 'noindex' code as the first thing for each finalist sonnet post, instructing Google robots not to index the thread where it appears. If the discussion spans several pages, the first response of each subsequent page should be edited by a moderator to add that code as well.
He also wishes me to make submitters aware that,  . . . although we will be taking these protection measures, and tests have revealed that they work, there is [I]no guarantee[/I] [my italics] that Google won't discover the thread somehow, since their algorithm is always evolving and not always predictable.
So far, I've received over thirty sonnets. Keep ém comin' !