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Chatrooms Guidelines

The following are guidelines which, we hope, will help make everyone's online chat experience a pleasant one:

  1. To sign-in for chat, highlight the text at the bottom white area of the console that says Type your name here. Type your name, hit the ENTER key and begin chatting. 

  3. We recommend that you enter your name in capital letters, especially, when there are many participants as is the case during Able Muse special chat events. This will make it easier to delineate message from the various participants and to quickly determine who typed what.

  5. It recommended that you use your real name during special chat events to make it easy for your friends and colleagues to identify you.

  7. The navy text that you compose in the bottom white area of the chat console is not seen by the other participants until you hit the ENTER key, at which time that text is cleared and transferred to to the main (gray) area as burgundy text, seen by everyone.

  9. To whisper to a participant, meaning, conduct a one-to-one chat with this person that no one else will observe, click on the Users tab at the top right section and, highlight the name of the person you wish to whisper to.

  11. To ignore a participant, meaning, you will no longer receive chat messages from that person, select the user as per the whisper instruction above and then, click on the Ignore User button.