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02-24-2013 until 12-30-2029
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Against Posting Poems Outside the Workshop Forums

Dear Eratosphereans,

It's been brought to my attention that there's been an increased incidence of the infraction of the rule against posting your own poems in the non-workshop forums.

This is to remind everyone that you may only post your own poems in the workshop forums, and nowhere else. The workshop forums where your own poems are allowed are Metrical Poetry, The Deep End, Non-Metrical Poetry, Translation, and Drills & Amusements.

Especially, your own poems are not allowed in the conversation forums (General Talk, The Accomplished Members, General Announcement), nor on the other non-workshop forums such as Musing on Mastery, The Discerning Eye, etc.

Thank you all for your cooperation in this matter.

03-21-2009 until 04-21-2020
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Sphere rules: an index

Eratosphere Rules Index

abusive language Registration page, Forum Guidelines
(Note: to see the information in the 'Registration Page' link, you need to logout, and attempt to register (without completing the process) to get this page -- it's the one titled "Able Muse / Eratosphere Rules, Policies, and Disclaimers.")
accentual-syllabic verse, where to post Main page
Accomplished Members forum Main page

"all-caps" posts Forum Guidelines
advertising Registration page
announcements Forum Guidelines
Art forum Main page
Art Museum forum Main page

banning Forum Guidelines
brag posts Forum Guidelines

chain letters Registration page
copyrighted material Registration page
     15-critique rule for new members
           Met rules,
           Registration page
     attitude toward
           Nonmet Rules
           Deep End rules
      focus on text of poem
           Nonmet Rules
           Deep End rules
           Nonmet Rules
           Deep End rules
     several per posted poem Met rules

defamatory statements Registration page
deleting threads Forum Guidelines
Discerning Eye forum Forum Guidelines
Distinguished Guest forum Forum Guidelines
double posts Forum Guidelines

e-mail notification Forum Guidelines

false statements Registration page
fonts Forum Guidelines
formatting posts Forum Guidelines
      disrupting Forum Guidelines
free verse Main page

General Announcements forum Forum Guidelines
ghazals Main page
grammar Deep End rules
      agreement with, required Registration page

harassment Registration page

informational posts Forum Guidelines
invasion of privacy Registration page

     new members
          15-critique rule
                Registration page
                 Met rules
                Nonmet Rules
                Deep End rules
          one-week delay ruleMet rules
     suspension Forum Guidelines

Metrical forum
      general rules Met rules
      posting of formal poemsForum Guidelines
metrical verse, where to post Main page

      complaints about, by private message Forum Guidelines
           objectionable posts Registration page
          posting problemsMet rules
      disrupting work of Forum Guidelines
      moving poems Main page
      not responsible for content of forums Registration page
      private messages to Forum Guidelines
Musing on Mastery forum Main page Forum Guidelines

nonmetrical poetry Main page

obscenity Registration page

     confining remarks to, in critique
           Nonmet Rules
          Deep End rules
     "formal or free" decision Forum Guidelines
          moderators' discretion Main page
     "one-a-week rule"
          Forum Guidelines,
          Nonmet Rules
          Deep End rules
          Translation forum exception Staff Announcement
     submitting for publication
          Nonmet Rules
          Deep End rules
     two weeks' openness to critique
          Nonmet Rules
          Deep End rules

posting privileges, suspension Forum Guidelines
posts, posting
      announcements Forum Guidelines
           in violation of rules Forum Guidelines
           prohibited by law Registration page
      double posts Forum Guidelines
      formatting Forum Guidelines
      problems with Met rules
     subject lines Forum Guidelines
private messages
     disclosing Forum Guidelines
      ignore list Forum Guidelines
      to moderators Forum Guidelines
profanity Registration page
profile signatures Forum Guidelines
pyramid schemes Registration page

quoted material, in posts Forum Guidelines

     posting in original thread Met rules, Nonmet Rules, Deep End rules

sestinas Main page
solicitations Registration page
spelling Nonmet Rules, Deep End rules
staff, see Moderators
stress-based verse Main page
subject lines Forum Guidelines
suspension Forum Guidelines
syllabics Main page

      closed, new threads on same subject Forum Guidelines
      deleting Forum Guidelines
threats Registration page
Translation forum
      generally syllabics Main page
      exception to one-a-week rule Staff Announcement

violations of law Registration page.

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