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Maryann Corbett 08-26-2018 10:19 AM

Best American Poetry Launch, 9/20
For those who may not have seen it elsewhere, here's a link to the official announcement of the launch event for Best American Poetry 2018, guest edited by Dana Gioia, so that quite a lot of formal poets--including Sphere members--are in it.

If you're in the NYC area then, there are lots of us who'd love to see you there.

Aaron Poochigian 08-26-2018 10:54 AM

Great, Maryann. I'm glad that you will be there, too. Susan de Sola, will you be there?

I couldn't find a list of the line-up.

It will be a weird reading--lots of poets reading one poem, each.

Maryann Corbett 08-26-2018 12:02 PM

I wish I could find a line-up, Aaron, but I'm not sure a list exists. On Facebook at least, Ernest Hilbert, Nemo Hill, and Nausheen Eusuf have said they'll be there (if I find I've missed anyone, I'll edit back).

To see who's in the book, at any rate, one can peek at the back cover image on Amazon.

Julie Steiner 08-27-2018 01:03 AM

I missed this! Congratulations to all!

RCL 08-27-2018 03:32 PM

The back cover also notes A Poochigian and A Stallings. Kudos!

Nausheen Eusuf 08-27-2018 05:04 PM


Originally Posted by Maryann Corbett (Post 424510)
To see who's in the book, at any rate, one can peek at the back cover image on Amazon.

I just noticed that my name is right next to Jonathan Galassi. Ha! It'll be the only time I rub shoulders with someone of his stature. ;) The whole thing is still a little unreal.


Siham Karami 08-29-2018 09:45 PM

Amazing!!! Huge congrats to all!

R. Nemo Hill 08-30-2018 04:02 PM

Yup, I'll be there.


Terese Coe 09-16-2018 10:45 PM

I'll do my best to be there!

R. Nemo Hill 09-17-2018 09:12 AM

Here is the list of all those reading.

Allison Adair, Kaveh Akbar, Andrew Bertaina, Bruce Bond, George Bradley, Brendan Constantine, Mary Ann Corbett, Cynthia Cruz, Warren Decker, Dante Di Stefano, Nausheen Eusuf, Jonathan Galassi, Sonia Greenfield, Ernest Hilbert, R. Nemo Hill, Anna Maria Hong, Steven Kampa, Mandy Khan, Ilya Kaminsky, Karl Kirchway, Nate Klug, Nkosi Nkululeko, Aimee Nezhukumatathil, Alfred Nicol, Sharon Olds, Jacqueline Osherow, Elise Paschen, Wang Ping, Aaron Poochigian, Reuben Quesada, Michael Robbins, Jill Rosser, Jason Schneiderman, Nicole Sealey, Michael Shewmaker, Adrienne Su, Agnieszka Tworek, G. C. Waldrep, James Matthew Wilson, Ryan Wilson, Christian Wiman.

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