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F.F. Teague 04-22-2022 01:22 PM

John Isbell's second poetry book
Hi everyone,

I'm delighted to report that John has received a contract for what will be his second poetry book, with Omni Media, Rio Grande, Texas. It'll be a book of South Texas and border poems, titled Mile 2 West.

Congratulations, John! 🍾

Best wishes,

PS: John, I hope the wording's okay. Happy to change if need be :)

John Isbell 04-22-2022 01:32 PM

Thank you, Fliss - you speak the truth!

Now on to a lot of editing :-)


F.F. Teague 04-23-2022 12:45 PM

You're welcome, John :)

Hooray for a lot of editing! Just pop on a trance album, and away you go 👍

Best wishes,

John Isbell 04-23-2022 03:23 PM

Yay! I think the closest I come may be Massive Attack. I wrote my Ph.D. to Mozart because he made me type really fast. :-)


F.F. Teague 04-24-2022 01:20 PM

Yay indeed, John! I listen to Massive Attack sometimes; I bought Mezzanine while visiting my friend in Cambridge (1999) and Bro. A. gave me Blue Lines for my birthday that year. But Mozart has his uses too. Sometimes I enjoy whistling the Clarinet Concerto, for example 😗

Best wishes,

David Callin 04-24-2022 02:10 PM

Congratulations, John. "South Texas and border poems" I like the sound of that. Anything that comes out sounding like "Willin'" will be okay by me.



John Isbell 04-24-2022 04:41 PM

Fliss - Mezzanine - nice title! Yes, I like that album. Massive Attack are a bit hypnotic and intermittently brilliant IMO. I like your idea of whistling the Clarinet Concerto and will post this, possibly my favorite ever Mozart:
Meanwhile, I apologize for my herpes joke, told by people without herpes to people without herpes long ago. There are others. Nowadays, I find the joke's bit of a hubris-nemesis feel is what bubbles up most strongly, as in the doctor with bad news and worse news on the phone joke. In any case, I think I'm letting that poem slide - I've got little niggly things with it, but basically it's ready for relegation now and I've just posted a fresh one!

David - it is kind of a fun collection, and very different from the religion stuff I've been posting for a while. Mile 2 West is where my grandparents retired in 1949 and where my aunt is now buried. It's a country road that speaks to me.
Willin' - now there's a song. I love how he speak/sings it, in that perfect voice. He's been from Tucson to Tucumcari, which is less far than it might be, but it's desert all the way. Here's another song off that fine album, "Cold Cold Cold":


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