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Martin Elster 06-16-2019 09:29 PM

Delightful! Congrats, Siham!



Andrew Frisardi 06-16-2019 11:26 PM

Wow, Siham, I enjoyed every bit of it, including the interview, your readings, the photos. And of course the poems, every one of them. Bravissima!

Siham Karami 06-17-2019 05:21 AM

Vera, Erik, Martin, and Andrew,

Thanks so much for all your kind words. It really means a lot to me!! It was also very helpful to find a place where I could present my book in some way, being not a natural at self-promotion. I’m so glad you enjoyed it!!

All the best,

marly youmans 06-23-2019 07:33 PM

Siham, congratulations--learned things about you I did not know! Working my way through after starting with the interview...

Siham Karami 06-24-2019 10:44 AM

Thanks so much for checking it out, Marly! Yes even the poetry is a little different than my usual work (or so I think)... :)

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