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F.F. Teague 01-18-2022 02:50 PM

The Winchcombe Meteorite

Cathy Wilcock, co-owner of the driveway on which the meteorite landed, has added my poem 'Moppet's Meteorite' to the Wilcocks' Winchcombe Meteorite blog. She informs me it continues to receive praise at the Natural History Museum and at the BBC, and it's being read to children in various UK schools to encourage them to write poetry :)

A lot of people have suggested I write a book about guinea pigs. Maybe I will 🥰

Best wishes,

Andrew Frisardi 01-18-2022 09:13 PM

That's great, Fliss, congratulations. Is there a link to the poem you could slap down here?

F.F. Teague 01-19-2022 11:57 AM

Thanks, Andrew :)

So far, the poem appears in three places online: a poetry journal, my website, the Winchcombe Meteorite blog. I don't think I'm allowed to link to either of the first two, but the blog should be okay, here :)

Yes, it turns out Moppet's real name is Nutmeg, lol. I think Moppet is Hannah Wilcock's name for her guinea. I offered to change the poem, but there's no need. It's a wonderful webpage, I think, perfect for children. Unfortunately Teddy has been unkind to the Teague guineas at times. Not Ginny, though. Ginny's a feisty one, lol.

Best wishes,

John Riley 01-19-2022 12:21 PM

Sounds interesting, Congratulations, Fliss.

Sarah-Jane Crowson 01-19-2022 01:06 PM

Congrats! Good storytelling, and a nice way to present an unusual and interesting happening.

If you're thinking of children's books, then Penguin's WriteNow scheme might be of interest - they're looking for books for children.

I don't know what their definition of 'under-represented community' is, or whether you'd be eligible, but it might be worth looking at to find out.

(They say 'not published', too but I suspect that they will mean books, not individual poems in journals or websites - although for all I know you have published a book, too!)

F.F. Teague 01-19-2022 06:37 PM

Thanks, John; yes, interesting :)

Thanks, Sarah-Jane; I've just realised how late it is, but I'll take a look idc.

Best wishes,

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