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Chris O'Carroll 02-16-2012 12:02 PM

New Statesman -- literary recipe
Bill Greenwell and I managed to put it into the net in the Eric Cantona competition. The Henry Moore example indicates that a "literary recipe" need not deal with a figure from the world of literature. (The deadline date suggests that this leap year is going to set a new long-distance leaping record.)

No 4217

Set by Leonora Casement

An oldie. We’d like you to think up a literary recipe. Here’s one to inspire you from the 1950s: the Henry Moore Reclining Cake, with icing. “Ingredients: Small bag assorted antediluvian bones, 1/2 bag cement, 3 large-sized holes, Shells from seaside or similar, Essence of squeezed shapes, Mother. Method: Arrange shells and bones in attractive shape. Add cement and three cups water. Stir in holes slowly, one at a time . . . When mixture set, add Mother in reclining position . . .”
Max 125 words by 30 February

Susan d.S. 02-17-2012 11:52 AM

The 30th of February? Are they toying with us?

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