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Thanks for commenting, Julie. I miss the flower fields in Carlsbad. My favorite thing was looking at them from a distance and seeing the giant swaths of stripes across the hillside.

About this piece, I got the idea of ranuncula in my head in the first hour of working on it. After that I just let myself go abstract with it. Maybe I should change the name? Does it matter, in an abstract piece, that it look just like the flowers? I wouldn't want the title to distract. I guess this makes yours a very useful crit to me, thanks :-) . Funny how a title, which is just a word or two, can have such impact on the way a piece is viewed. I would welcome any new title ideas.

The important part of the name, to me, is "Waltz" because a waltz is fast-fast-slow and this is how it was done. Fast-fast-slow really gets to the essence of what I was feeling about the piece while doing it. I started out with fast finger-painted swirls, and of course, the beading and gluing is very slow. The splatters of solder happened quickly too, in my son-in-law's garage, (thanks to my grandson for collecting them, he "gets" me) and then glued down slowly. There was something interesting about embracing the spontaneity of a fast paint line and then forcing myself to accept it while gluing down beads when every fiber of my being wanted to place them with precision and careful draftsmanship (for example the form in the top right corner.) It was a fun experience.
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