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Sharon, can't that be changed, about only members viewing, as you would know, guests outnumber members in other sections by a large margin.
As for comments, I see you point, but it is probably as much the fact that members are primarily interested in poetry, art critics, theatre critcs, critics of published novels, crit not to tell the author how to fix it but simply to tell all and sundry what they think of the work. I was puzzled because I wondered whether people looked at my art because I was referring to a famous painting, they then may have been utterly disappointed, although no commnets saying that, perhaps it's just vanity, wanting some response, any response. I can't think of any thing to make it more interesting, at least people do look, I would imagine if guests were allowed to look one would see a huge surge in numbers viewing. Maybe getting that changed, it shouldn't be difficult, would be a step in the right direction. I know on f'book people often submit photos, Rick Mullin, who posts here, often posts photos on f'book, perhaps if your art section broadened it's scope to include photos more would post, maybe photos are already accepted, but the word 'art' tends to make people think of paintings.
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