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Hi Michael,

We all have out obsessions~,:^) I am actually trying to do more direct painting, working on boards primed with brush-strokey oil paint. Maybe you will see more of these!


Yes we have no e on Institut! Muscle memory gets me at the keyboard every time. I am fascinated by how you look at pictures! Thanks.


Yes, I think this kind of approach creates tone equally through color and texture.

I was going to add the bridge and trees and barges from my earlier painting of the scene (scroll down), and stopped myself. I did go back and add the cupola atop the dome, which I neglected to include in my first session. Adding the cupola was the second session. And the first session was very short. I think I ended up with an austerity that evokes the memory's vision of a classic building in such a setting. Less is more, including range of palette in this case.

Thanks all,

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