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Michael, some of the flamboyant ones remind me more of Klimpt. Probably because of the textures and patterns - which is what I love about these.
Look at this one - Gustav:
This is ver Klimpt-like to me but still manages to be original and not a knock off. I love the scraps of paper and chains collaged into his hair.

Another thing I like is the fun interplay between the flat plane and realistic depth. I like the interplay between realism and abstraction in general.

Pure abstraction is great but I am getting a bit bored of all the Pollack clones. Elephants and gorillas are actually making paintings like that nowadays. There has to be something else that sparks my logic synapses, something which I can follow into the painting. If abstraction has some logic it takes you on a journey. For example a Picasso screams to be "figured out".

Besides that I have never given up on figurative art because I *do* admire someone who can actually draw. I never accepted abstraction as an excuse for bad drawing. Sometimes things are stylized intentionally, for example a Modigliani, that's different. But I feel you can always tell.

So, back to Juliette Belmonte, this interplay between abstract pattern, texture and the realism is fun.
See this - Mr. Harrison:
We have a flat plane and we have realistic depth of space and we bounce back and forth - delightful. It's almost as though we are viewing the scene through a window with raindrops on it.

I also love her color harmony. Look at this one - Ms. Nesmith:
She has used muted earth tones but not "made mud" in the least. (flat dead appearance) This is not easy! Especially where the colors blend together. I don't see any "mud" anywhere even though mud is paint's natural tendency. They still sing and the colors look delicious even though subdued.

Here's another that has beautiful color harmony - Mr. Moustache:

Roger, yes, there are only a few that deviate from the same idea, scale, etc... There are a few landscapes, some oranges, a cat and there is one of a dog that's quite good...
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