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Thank you for commenting.

This is not one of the SpongeBob SquarePants characters. He was born of my messing around with a photograph of a Bird of Paradise flower that I took a couple of years ago. He looked like he wanted to be swimming, in murky waters. My nephew is a big SpongeBob fan, and I immediately thought of Bikini Bottom for this little guy to crash. He wants to be part of the gang there, hence the sign. He'll swim his heart out to get there.
I'm beginning to think that my understanding of this sub-forum is incorrect. I thought, for some reason, that it was about visual creativity. I feel I'm wrong. Sharon wonders why there isn't more participation; are you looking for completed 'works of art' or are you looking for something 'outside the box?' And after Michael Cantor's comments over in Ross' thread, I don't know why anyone would try to participate in this sub-forum. I saw this as a way to show creativity in another venue besides writing; apparently not.
Thank you to everyone who has viewed my work here.
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