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Unread 07-20-2019, 10:02 AM
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Hi Jake,
Your poems are akin to immersing oneself in the North Atlantic on a pleasantly warm day. It shocks the system and my first response is to get out -- Quick -- And I do.
But I go back and, by degree, the water feels warmer somehow, and I slip in under a swell and feel the exhilaration and refreshment of playful language and free thought. But it took some coaxing (thanks Nemo, James, Matt,

I think your best poetry will come from a distillation of that technique you employ in the few poems Iíve read here of yours and a more measured, flowing arrangement of the words (as Nemo pointed out with the period after "goes." and Matt alluded to in terms of line breaks / enjambments.)

But beautifully imagined, Jake.
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