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Originally posted by nyctom:
So Landrum any poetry not a part of the Whitmanesque tradition you find anemic and unmemorable? If that is the case, I'm sorry. You're missing a lot of good stuff.

But hey--de gustibus and all that jazz.
I'd be interested, nytcom, to read some of the poets you like who don't follow the general strategies I've discussed. Give me some names or titles.

I teach poems like "Thank You" by Heather Nagami, an ethnic poem that does not draw on metrics in any way. And while it is good, I think the text doesn't give it enough of a dynamic for it to endure as a work of art for very long. It is admirable but not enduring and many poems are like this. I like to think it is the lack of poetic dynamic, the lack of poetic energy in the poem, that does this. And I can't help but think the Whitmanesque tradition provides more poetic language than just the poetry of flat statement.
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