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Interesting topic John!

I'd say emotions regarding my work go in cycle goes something like:
  • I become obsessed with and idea (structural, thematic, a line, etc.);
  • If I finish the poem in that sitting, I love it and thing it's the best thing ever, sometimes it's a weekend thing full of frantic revisions, and I'll consider that "one sitting";
  • If I'm smart enough to sit on it, I edit it a month later (or longer), share it on the 'Sphere, and hone it, and usually feel pretty good about it. Sometimes I take revisions and sit on it even longer before returning to "finish" it in a different mindset (I'm an inveterate tinkerer);
  • After sharing it, I'll send it out. Except for a select few pieces, I've pretty much moved on mentally and what I once thought was among my best work is now rubbish
  • Sometimes I find a respect for it long after, when it ceases to be "mine," in the sense that the "me" who made it has long moved past the "me" of now.
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