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So does poetry matter/mean so little to our little Sphere's inhabitants?
I do understand how important the current political issues are, but the plain and simple truth is that we all have our own private lives as well. For my part, I'm currently trying to deal with a deluge of emails and phone calls I've received from people up and down the country, in response to an article I wrote in a national magazine.

In addition, I've been spending some time with my grandchildren while they're off school for the Easter holidays. World events are IMMENSELY important - yet, d'ya know what? - family matters still come first!

This site is wonderful, and no one could dispute that I'm passionate about my involvement with it, ...yet I haven't written a poem about ''Armageddon'' that I could post here, because I haven't had the time!

As John said, Hey, I posted in this thread as well. Not a poem, true, but I am not without opinions on this president and the world he is dragging us into, ...but to ask "So does poetry matter/mean so little to our little Sphere's inhabitants?" is an unfair question.

Poetry matters a great deal to us all. We don't necessarily get around to writing a poem about Trump or current affairs, but it's enjoyable to read others' views and poems on such topics, which help to compensate for our own lack of inspiration and/or time. Please don't feel disturbed/disappointed by this.

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