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Unread 04-14-2018, 02:39 AM
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I had started a long reply to John, Jayne and Julie when I switched on news... and poetry now seems to be, inadequately, about all we have left.
The Russian statement which mentions the insult to the Russian President is, psychologically, particularly disturbing. Are we really back to a world of competing mega egos? - and I include the puny petulance of May in this. How one's nostalgia for 1962 grows.
I thought your deleted post, Ann, in no way premature. But maybe I've missed a development while typing!
Ironically, the Tweed Valley which has been hunkered under a roof of cloud and mist for days is, this morning, basking beneath clear sunny skies. The No Bombing demo I was headed for in Edinburgh now looks forlorn and Border folk will be heading for the mundane - and international - excitements of the Melrose Sevens.
But Trump and his poodles remain real - and Putin remains potent and offended.
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