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heh heh Aaron's math on the first page. Don't know how Allen let him get away with that without elaboration... just to throw something entirely different out there

Wit + Craft = Cleverness
Craft = Cleverness - Wit

Therefore, because craft is equal to two things, we can set those
two things equal to each other:
Sublimity - Passion = Cleverness - Wit
Sublimity = Cleverness - Wit + Passion
so oddly, passionate cleverness is sublime, so long as it's not witty.

-Passion = Cleverness - Wit - Sublimity
which makes sense
take cleverness and extract all wit; ensure it's not sublime
and you have something passionless--totally left brained
passion = -Cleverness + Wit + Sublimity
more intuitively read
passion = Sublimity + Wit - Cleverness
surprisingly that means passion is
sublime wit, or perhaps the wit of the sublime
--> so long as you don't try to get clever with it.
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