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Sharon & Ann

I've looked at Night and Day off and on since it was first posted.

There is a kind of rhyme in that Night and Day are juxtaposed in opposition, though interconnected by the lighted filaments.

For me it's somewhat unsettling that Night has conventional up and down orientation and Day is sideways. I've wondered if that's supposed to say something.

I keep wanting them both vertical, though I can see how that would be difficult. Different trees with more horizontal limbs maybe. & a prominent trunk might look like an intrusion.

When I posted the link in Art Museum to Edward Picot's animation of Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Blackbird, I thought that what Picot had done was a kind of reverse ekphrasis (visual art more or less commenting on a poem). It think his presentation is distinct from illustration of poems, even sequential illustrations as in Dave Morice's Poetry Comics (an example extract here).

The computer allows for the possibility of such things. Maybe there is software somewhere that facilitates it. Otherwise it would be almost impossible for us non-programmers.

Anyway, reading your conversation prompted me to chime in, since I have been musing on this for some time.

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