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Default Response to Jane's response to Ralph's response to Walter's response to Jack.

Here Be Dragons

They told us first in stories
Here be Dragons
and we would warm ourselves at the familiar fire-breath
knowing the saint would save us.

They told us next in sea-charts
Here be Dragons
and we would know it meant the unsafe place
where the not-known met the misunderstood.
We were safe, knowing better.

They warned us, did our elders,
Here be Dragons.
Washing our hair when menstruating killed us,
sitting on cold stone benches gave us piles;
we survived all their nonsense.

They dared us in the doorway
Here be Dragons
but the room breathed out careful conversation
as bright light glittered off the splintered laughter
and there were no dragons.
Only a silent, shifty-looking elephant.
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