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Default Best 100 Poetry Books of the 20th Century?

So, here are the rules of the game: nominate a book to be included in the "Best 100 Poetry Books of the 20th Century" list.

1) You can only nominate one book. Don't take time to apologize for the poets whom you didn't select.

2) In order to nominate a book, you must write a short, pithy paragraph about what makes this book so distinctive, and you should title your reply with name of the book + author plus its number in the list. Check the list before posting, so you don't cross-post and mess up the math!

3) Books of translation can be included, but you must indicate which translation "wowed" you.

4) Since the idea here is to share some of our private gems and spur others to purchase these books for their own libraries, you must find a place on the Internet where this book is for sale and post a link to that website.

5) Criteria for selection are up to you, but the book has to "wow" you for some reason.

6) If you really, really, really, need to put more than one book in the list, you can do so only once, but you need to do so in another "reply" so each book gets its own page.

7) Once the list gets to 100, the game is over. No more books may be added.

I guess I'll start, to show what I mean in terms of format.



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