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Default Post your GOOD NEWS

I'm tired of talking about the referendum, Brexit (some people's friends and family are still not talking to each other since the result), the new UK Prime Minister election, the new US President election, immigration, global warming, the economy, blah, blah, blah . . .

Just for a change, how about relating some nice little snippets of personal news (and not "Accomplished Members" type of stuff)? We all must have had something pleasant happen in our lives recently, surely? Even small things lift the spirits.

Well, in case anyone's interested, I'll kick off with mine. My daughter and her new husband bought three scratch cards and they all came up trumps (!), I mean 'won money' - totalling over five thousand pounds...

Edited in on Feb 1st 2018: Dammit! I just tried to edit a small typo from this post and half of it has disappeared! I can't retrieve it, nor remember what I originally wrote. I hope this doesn't mean trouble, like another hacking!!