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I gave a poetry reading (and I now incorporate some magic tricks as an amateur magician; the two things go down really well together!) to the loveliest bunch of ladies I've ever met in The Women's Institute in 25 years of giving talks to them.
I have several branches of the W.I. nearby in my home town but, if I ever join, I shall travel a few extra miles and go to the one I visited last week... it's only about 15 miles away but well worth it!

Now... I want to explain something: This thread has been SO uplifting, and so many of you have shared joyous news; thank you, thank you.
(With Donald Trump and now Boris Johnson to deal with, truly good news is even more welcome.)

I have a very significant, 3-digit number that has played a big part in my life for many years, for too many reasons to go into right now... but it is 414. This post is #412, so please indulge me and let me finish this thread on my important number.