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Andrew —

I agree with Sharon. Do post some more.

Charon - I tried tweaking the image with Irfanview (a freeware image viewer). Namely, I sharpened the image a couple of times to simulate a better focus. It did seem to improve the effect of the picture. A greater sense of depth to the underpass/tunnel.

Like Susan, I thought it looked like animals in Charon, something like the Lescaux cave paintings But maybe not. I think the ambiguity increases the interest of the painting & subliminally suggests deep time.

Changeling - Clearly doctored. & interesting because of that. In looking at the figure on the right I'm reminded of the Scarecrow in the Wizard of Oz. Especially the scene where he has been torn apart & Dorothy & the others have to reassemble him.

Echo - effective without the title. More so with. She reminds me of The Green Man here. If you haven't done anything with that legend you might try something in a lush summer.

Good that the titles help to explain the relationship to myth & folklore. And necessary, I think.

On display (e.g. an exhibit) I think the photos need to be as big as possible without losing sharpness. Hamadryas needs all the space around the figure, but people have to be able to see some detail of the woman/tree.

Disclaimer: I'm a layman. Not an artist or photographer. Not a knowledgeable critic.

— Woody

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