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Andrew —

The legends are more unfamiliar than the first set. So even with titles it's hard to appreciate theme.

Kore — somewhat out of focus. I would like it better, I think, without the twig across the boy's chest. Maybe have him framed in the V of the twigs (but off center to the right) or have him entirely to the right of the twigs but still roughly central to the picture?

Kalligeneia (that's the spelling I found on the web) - I like this one the best of the 3. Like Kore, I would like it better without the tendril through the figure's head. That is mildly but unpleasantly unsettling. Many viewers will have associations with Christ the Redeemer here and other similar Christian imagery

Anodos - My second choice of the three. I suspect it is deliberately out of focus. But I think it better in focus, especially the figure. But the silhouetted trees would benefit too, I think.

— Woody
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