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Hi Mark,

I once thought I'd had my wallet stolen from my room. I'd left a window open to the street. I found it about month later, where it had fallen behind the CD rack. Not a great a story, but I'm feeling left out never having actually had my wallet stolen.

I find a fair bit to like in the poem. "shame ... at being ... the mark", made me smile. A takhalluss! Also the word play of "picking at the thing". I didn't understand the Spanish without looking it up. I also don't know much about Gaudi, but I don't think the poem requires much, . I see that there's a nativity -- a holy family, that comes back nicely at the close. I like the N's family as unfinished, living stone. Also on the family theme, there's also the N's role as family protector cast in doubt, and there's the family rescuing him from his mood, lifting his spirits. "The tram hit" seems to be doing double duty: Gaudi hit by a tram (I learn), and the hit on the N on a subway train. His stone family left unfinished (I presume). Gaudi left alone after the hit. The N not alone after his. It's well woven together.



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