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So, this is very 'niche'

Hammer House of Horror wrecked my childhood.
Saturday nights. The 80s just begun.
Even Madness couldn't make me feel good,
and this was anything but a House of Fun.

Doppelgängers, voodoo dolls and witches,
crash-zooms, shrieks and blood-stained party food.
And Diana Dors, smiling, dropping stitches,
indulgent of her sullen lupine brood.

Edit: Jayne's 'brief explanation' emblazoned in red at the top of this thread is very flattering but I'm sure not true. I bet there are more 'novels into verse' out there, apart from reductionist funny limericks etc. And if there aren't it's more likely because it's a bit of a daft idea than anything else.

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