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Well, it’s a bit of a ridiculous poem, but it has some sort of crowd-appeal.

Michael, for going about, I wear my casual kilt outfit, complete with navy polo-neck and wellies. Only in moments of great fluidity am I piped in.

From your remarks about value received for the additional $150, it seems you think the haggis is unappetizing and unhealthy. The Scottish Tourist Board has asked me to ask you to keep these opinions to yourself. If you do, they may send you a complimentary oatcake. It is, after all, the Scottish Tourist Board.

John, in the wrong hands, the bagpipes can be WMD’s. Why don’t you post your Toast to the Lassies on the appropriate board here? I’ll look in on it if it’s not on TDE. At Burns season, people look for good templates. I’ve written a Reply to the Toast to the Lassies and an Immortal Memory, but not a Toast to the Lassies. If you don’t want to post it on the Board, send it to me in a PM.

Allen, I’m glad you enjoyed it and both pleased and surprised that you remembered the West Chester piece.

Martin, yes, I quite enjoy performing, even when it isn’t exactly right. (This one had a few mistakes for which I have excuses.)

David, no she’s not my Missus. She’s probably just one of those haggis-realists who sees little grandeur in chopped organs.

Tim, it’s a wavelength I though you would be on. Thanks.

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