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Sorry, Sam. I had no idea you were a such a powerful white man. Nifty smoke signal metaphor. Totally not telling. I don't read animism as an ideology to be purchased like Pound's facism or as especially belonging to Harjo. I am not defending careers or even considering them but I get why capital organizes your thoughts along those lines. I think lives are threatened by the inability to remember what you dismiss as a mythos here. I didn't have to purchase anything but I am all the way in on an old way of seeing that is just as much part of European ancestry as it is this land's. It isn't the same as Harjo's but it isn't unrelated.

I didn't like your internet person before you pissed on the thread. I like it less now. What you think of me is kind of irrelevant to me but knock yourself out, Killer. As for what we do to benefit the things we believe in, anybody who thinks that that will show up in a internet forum is silly. Anybody who thumps their chest about advancing the art of others by simply giving a place it deserves is hard for me to trust as a critic.

I found her work timely and exciting. I never imagined that Harjo needed me or I was doing something for her. I need her. I found your way of commenting condescending and neither useful or particularly insightful. The combination was annoying. You know why you did it. When I put something down I always know why. Sometimes I know better than to do it. Maybe you don't.

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