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Originally Posted by Marybeth Rua-Larsen View Post mistake. I did not read carefully enough. So only a moderator can move a thread to the Pub for continued, private membership discussion (but none of us can start a discussion there), and though we may post grievances in the other two sections, they are read privately by moderators, acted upon by moderators and not open to general discussion. I believe I have seen all I need to see.
Marybeth, a slight correction, a moderator is more likely to move a thread to Eratospherics for continued discussion. Pub is for the discussion of publication issues and any member with access privilege can start a thread there. However, everyone will continue to see and post in the moved thread, so whatever discussion was going on before the move continues for everyone with access to the private forums.

Continuing the clarifications, in Dear Moderators, a member starts a thread between him or her and moderators. Dear Administrators operates the same way except that it's between the member and the Administrators.

Michael C. & others who asked, I hope that also clarifies things for you also.

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