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I fancy Harbingers. I venture trimeter couplets are not the easiest, yet you make what is difficult seem easy, as you should, and I appreciate this a good deal. The rhymes are deft, witty, and elegant.
The turn-lane that you choose,
Your daily pick of shoes,
The money that you lose

May come to be a curse
Or bend the universe
To stuff an empty purse.
I fancy the surprising contrast of the seemingly mundane—‘pick of shoes’—and the profound—’bend the universe.’
Or land you in a cell
Or in a slough in hell
Or do you very well.
The short meter contributes to the speed with which we oscillate among polarities from ‘cell’ to ‘hell’ to doing ‘well.’ I enjoy the ride like I do a rollercoaster for its unpredictable turns and loops.
Consider now this fly
Which has no wish to die,
The same as you and I;
I find this couplet quite humorous, not to mention true. Much enjoyed.



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