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Default Prank on my Students

A number of kids didn't come to school today because of the Patriots' Parade. Those few who were left and I decided that we would prank them with a Quote Identification quiz. I wrote some of the most absurd yet perhaps believable to a student not reading closely) lines for Macbeth that I could imagine.

They read 4.1-2 last night, and I'm going to pretend these were among the many lines they missed:

Thy clothes befit thy wretched station, Clown,
All motley checkered red and black. Thy juggling
Is needed now to elevate the mirth.
For I am sad and having brought upon
This tide of blood that drowns both friends and foes
Alike, I’d like a circus in my brain:
Bring lions, bears and even noble elephants
Who threat’n the ground with risky feet. Let them
Parade about the weary brainèd stars.
Oh Clown, thou dost now bring the laughter as
The lark the morning or the spear the battle.
But soft, I must away now to the Sisters.
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