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Thank you Martin, Ann and Adrian.

Martin, I am SO glad you like them. I think they're amazing, for a whole range of reasons, but at the end of part one, when he invites you to think and know that he is, in his way, manipulating the audience, it's just so fab. I also really like his shirt.

Ann, thank you for posting the link. They are on my to-listen-to list.

Adrian, I've not read the book, and thank you, and I am now reading it. I found a copy on the excellent Monoskop in case anyone else wants to read it (be warned you'll need a good internet connection and patience as it's a large file size).

In terms of creative responses, I'll share my first work-in-progress attempt at responding to Part One of Berger's TV programme, Ways of Seeing, below.

The text is pure erasure from the Walter Benjamin essay (The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction) that Berger draws on for some of his ideas, and which is cited at the end of the programme, ('pure erasure' means that I could place the book page over the image and you'd see the words within the text, no tweaks, no switches, no edits) and the image borrows from Berger's choice of images, with my own context added. In terms of ideas it's not well-worked out (the blue bird has no meaning at all apart from it takes the image out of the original context in an absurd way), but I had fun.

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