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My work on Emerson and others was published long before the internet was a gleam in its father's eye. Large city and Academic libraries might carry the Wisconsin University Press Literary Monographs series. I do have one poem that I consciously based on the Spanish proverb "God comes to us without a bell"; the editor published it without noting the first line is a proverb:

Without a Bell

God comes to us without a bell:
God’s spell
is cast by larks and honeybees
in trees.
Their chorus, praising field and brook,
spells out His book—
one pious men may overlook,
expecting bells to say, He’s here!
But nature makes the gospels clear:
God’s spell in trees spells out His book.

First appeared in First Things

It's an Ovillejo, a Spanish form, in case you're unfamiliar with it.

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