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Lol, yes, just a little adventure. I wrote this a few years ago. I thought heroic metre might be suitable for the subject, so I looked it up on Wikipedia. Thanks for brio and there's certainly a lot of information. I posted the Scilly series on a love-in sort of site originally. Unfortunately it became a hate-in site once I'd been published a few times, so I had to leave 😂

Thanks for your poems, very much enjoyed. There's no need to apologise for IP; often it just fits 👍

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I hope you slept well, Allen, and thanks for looking over the poem. I know it's a bit rubbish, really. If I were to have another go, I'd definitely do more research first and have a few practices before posting on Met. I'd also use my voice rather than one of my characters, lol. Still, I'm glad a few line ends brought you satisfaction

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