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Hate-ins were not in the 60s plan! I am sorry to hear that news. OTOH, I'm glad brio has appeal, and the trip to the Silly Isles sounds memorable, if rather scilly.

I've decided to name drop a tad and post this poem about AC/DC. Here's the song, which I think is tremendous:

And here's the poem:

We All Must Perish

A bell is tolling. My distracted ear
comes into focus. This is not the sound
an ambulance or fire truck makes; it’s not
the happy peal of wedding bells. It speaks
of how we all must perish. And across
its slow tones, a guitar in counterpoint
comes out of nowhere. What on Earth could this
strange fusion of the sacred and profane
portend for us? The two in dialogue
are joined by a high wail: I’m rolling thunder,
I’m pouring rain
, it cries as if possessed.

For this is heavy metal. Angus Young
is in school uniform. I’m going to take
, says the song, to Hell. Now what is holy
is not good by necessity, and Hell
lies on that axis. The eye lifts, the Lord
is heard in that catastrophe. This is
a struggle we are pawns in, and it plays
from other worlds into our own. The bell
is tolling still, a single note. The band
calls out the chorus. There is no escape.

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