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Here now is the great Hank Williams.

First a song:

And then, a poem:


Hank Williams is going to spend the next three minutes
telling me to mind my own business.
Itís 4 a.m., which may be a good time
to listen to his lonesome twang. I am
not minding my own business after all,
but then heís the one who keeps talking about his life.

Just one of Hank Williamsís 40 Greatest Hits
clocks in at over three minutes, by one second Ė
thatís all the time he needs to make his point,
and he does so again and again. So now
he wants me to know he doesnít like my way
of living. And we do lead different lives Ė

his son for instance calls another man daddy,
he tells me, and his prison time will have
something to do with that. Heís cut these words
into the living rock; the orchestration,
the voice, the rhetoric, are not the most complex,
thank goodness. Sometimes water is what we want.