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Unread 05-15-2021, 11:58 AM
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Thanks, Martin! I sent it to my older brother, who's a keen astronomer. He liked it too :-)

Roger/Bob, thanks for your poem. I think any poem that contains 'ain't' is a winner with me, lol. The tone is perfect for the snubbed Pluto, bless him.

Martin, thanks for three more additions. I'm really enjoying your contributions, and I feel I'm learning a lot too. Congrats on The Martian Wave. Yes, moons are fine; why not? I particularly like the 'One hundred gushing geysers' and rhymes such as 'Saturn' / 'pattern', 'caecilian' / 'vermilion'. And the romance of 'Long-Distance Relationship' is a delight, especially for 'star-crossed' at the end.

I used today's creative time to write a new poem for Met, but I shall try to fit in other planet poem soon :-)
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