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Πωτζ (ιφ Ι μη), και Δζαννις,... thank you both for your recent suggestions and especially thanks to Κυριε Πωτζιγκιαν for his deep Homeric context reading of several critical Greek words.

Ις ιτ δονε ; ις ιτ δονε ; Οχι ορ Ναι ; Υες -- Foρ νοω ατ λεαςτ, Ι ρεcκον, or very nearly -- what do people think ?

I'd like to mention that the hyphenation in the middle of a word at the end of the third line in the Greek original indicates that there wasn't any oral hesitation at those points, and that line three in each case just went smoothly into line four (the Adoneus or Adonic) as one long singing line. It seems that our usual shape for this Sapphic stanza is an artifact of the way the song had to be written out.

I apologize for my childish alphabetic play at the beginning of this post.

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