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Thanks Ann and Cyn,

I like Dayhawks!, Ann. I get the Hopper reference--especially with the thick gray ennui of the woman in the foreground darkness. Glad you like the awning. If it didn't work as you describe, it would have sunk the ship. The motif of the restaurant is kind of Italian. Have you ever been to San Francisco? It's a European city... one of three in North America along with New Orleans and Montreal. From the sky it is as white as anyplace on the Côte d'Azure, and the light onto Green Street, which has some color, is a whiteout unless you look for details. The focus, of course, is on the figures. Bringing in light on the table and illuminating the bottles was important.

Cyn, I used to draw constantly with a pencil when traveling. I often came right hope and painted. But this sketch scared me, so it sat in a drawer for ten years. I have been on Grant Street many times, so there is some memory involved here, but I mostly went with the sketch. I will bring that by. Usually the pencil sketch, though quite rough, is better.
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